Munnar's plentiful brooks and waterfalls are ideal for boating, bird watching and fishing. Here peace and quiet are not mere clichés, but realities. Set beside a beautiful stream and surrounded by evergreen forests and wooden hills, HeavenValley Cottages the beautiful cottage in Munnar, are thoughtfully designed and tastefully furnished. It is a place where traditional charms of mountain hospitality blends exquisitely with modern amenities. The cool morning breeze, the sound of the gently flowing stream, the chirping of the birds, could be things of the past for the city dwellers. But here in Heaven Valley Cottages, the cottages in Munnar one can still enjoy all these beautiful sights and sounds.

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Nowhere can you feel closer to Mother Earth, for nothing in this paradise ever violates her.

Nestled among the plush green hills of the Western Ghats, blessed by the cradle of nature, the stream runs through the heart of the beautiful landscape, a melody to the soul. On a clear blue sky the sun descends, its rays shining through the cover of trees shadowing this heaven on earth .Go back to nature. At heavenvalleys.

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